Hemo Practice Test 3

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The dialysis staff should not eat or drink in the dialysis treatment area of laboratory primarily because doing so

What is the single most important step in infection control?
The kidneys help remove fluid that is in:
Where are the kidneys located:
16. Uremia is a buildup of ______ in the blood:

Symptoms of high sodium (hypernatremia) can include:
Symptoms of high potassium(hyperkalemia) include:
Which type of Hemodialysis offers more frequent dialysis?
Patients who receive a transplant should take ________________ for the rest of their life.
A Liter (Lt) is equal to ____ milliliters (ml). :

Which ones are the two main types of dialysis?
Pericarditis is swelling around the sac of the heart and it can cause :
How does infection happen?
The main purpose of the Nephron is to:
Which ones are the two types of Peritoneal dialysis?
Which of the following is LEAST likely to be a common psychological reaction for patients beginning maintenance dialysis?
What are the treatment options for CKD stage 5?
17. Erythropoietin helps in the production of _____.
The #1 cause of kidney failure in the US is:
Neuropathy is:
Phosphorus binders help decrease _____ levels in blood.
Pruritis is severe______:
Which are two of the National Certification programs:
What is diffusion?
Peritoneal dialysis uses what membrane as a filter?

What are the types of vascular accesses for Hemodialysis?
Anemia is a shortage of ______:
A Kilogram (Kg) is equal to ____ pounds (Lb).

Patients in hemodialysis could present malnutrition due to lack of appetite as a consequence of what:
Calcitriol is a hormone created by ______:
The kidney cells are called:

Which of the following descriptions best defines diffusion?
The kidney functions include:

Which of the following are some of the factors that contribute to anemia in a dialysis patients?
What does PPE stand for?
What are the three transplant options?

Sleep apnea is ____
Which one is a dangerous infection in hemodialysis?
What is osmosis?

What is PKD?
What is chronic kidney disease?
The nephron is divided into two main components:
The two main types of kidney disease are:

The “intravascular fluid” is fluid inside the:

ESRD means:
Amyloidosis can cause:
Dialysis removes:
Patients with which of the following indicate the need for universal precautions?
How many stages does CKD have?
In which stage is dialysis started or patient receives a transplant?