Hemo Practice Test 3

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The nephron is divided into two main components:
Sleep apnea is ____
Which type of Hemodialysis offers more frequent dialysis?
Which are two of the National Certification programs:
Which of the following is LEAST likely to be a common psychological reaction for patients beginning maintenance dialysis?
How many stages does CKD have?
Neuropathy is:
The main purpose of the Nephron is to:
Amyloidosis can cause:
How does infection happen?
Symptoms of high sodium (hypernatremia) can include:
Anemia is a shortage of ______:
What is chronic kidney disease?
ESRD means:
Which ones are the two types of Peritoneal dialysis?
The kidneys help remove fluid that is in:
The kidney functions include:

The two main types of kidney disease are:

What is the single most important step in infection control?
17. Erythropoietin helps in the production of _____.
16. Uremia is a buildup of ______ in the blood:

Where are the kidneys located:
A Kilogram (Kg) is equal to ____ pounds (Lb).

Calcitriol is a hormone created by ______:
Pruritis is severe______:
A Liter (Lt) is equal to ____ milliliters (ml). :

Dialysis removes:
Patients in hemodialysis could present malnutrition due to lack of appetite as a consequence of what:
What are the three transplant options?

The “intravascular fluid” is fluid inside the:

In which stage is dialysis started or patient receives a transplant?
Symptoms of high potassium(hyperkalemia) include:
Which of the following are some of the factors that contribute to anemia in a dialysis patients?
Which one is a dangerous infection in hemodialysis?
Patients with which of the following indicate the need for universal precautions?
What is osmosis?

What is PKD?
Phosphorus binders help decrease _____ levels in blood.
The #1 cause of kidney failure in the US is:
Which of the following descriptions best defines diffusion?
Which ones are the two main types of dialysis?
Patients who receive a transplant should take ________________ for the rest of their life.
Pericarditis is swelling around the sac of the heart and it can cause :
What is diffusion?
What are the types of vascular accesses for Hemodialysis?
The kidney cells are called:

What does PPE stand for?
The dialysis staff should not eat or drink in the dialysis treatment area of laboratory primarily because doing so

Peritoneal dialysis uses what membrane as a filter?

What are the treatment options for CKD stage 5?