Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Lately it seems like everybody is talking about the benefits of the Sea Salt. Many say it’s natural and therefore is better for your health. Others say that their Doctor recommended it. I even heard a lady say that no matter how much sea salt she added to her food, her food does not get salty…

So I decided to go after the miraculous SEA SALT and investigate.

I first decided to go over to the American Heart Association website and find out if they had any information related to this topic. Ansea salt & table saltd they sure did!

During my visit at their site I learned that all this chattering around sea salt is because it has gain a lot of popularity in restaurants and grocery stores in our nation. They explain that many chefs are using it because of its texture and strong flavor. Companies are adding it to their products like: chips and snacks and other people prefer it because it contains Magnesium (Mg). This is a mineral very important in our body because it is needed in over 300 chemical reactions.

But now what about the sodium content? I found out that it – is – the – same! I was surprised!

The American Heart Association recommends a daily consumption of less than 1500 mg of sodium.

I decided to look in my pantry and I was astonished when I found two salt containers; one, the regular table salt and the other, sea salt. I then found out that my mother had bought the sea salt while she was staying in my house last year. She told my daughter that the doctor recommended she used sea salt.

So my next move was to read the label and sure enough there it was; both had the same sodium content. Both had 25% (590 mg) of sodium per 1/4 tsp. Wow!!! Consider that if we use 1/2 a tsp of salt, (table or sea), we will consume 1200mg almost what AHA recommends.

salt labelsSo my conclusion is that since both salts have the same amount of sodium, people should choose which ever one they prefer. It’s important that we do not overdo the sea salt thinking is healthier. I would use the sea salt in the same amounts I use the table salt.

Now, people that have high blood pressure or kidney failure should stay away from these salts. Too much salt makes the body retain fluid, which will increase even more the blood pressure. People with kidney failure should stay away from the sea salt because it contains Magnesium (Mg), this is a mineral that is filtered by the kidneys and when they are not working well, it builds up in the blood causing many severe complications.

It is better to explore with different herbs, spices and citrus. These contain a minimum or no amount of sodium. It is amazing how the food tastes when you try them.

What will you use next time you prepare your meals?

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