Texas Nurse scheduled to open her Dialysis Training Program

A few months ago you signed up for my free webinar: “HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN PROFITABLE DIALYSIS TRAINING PROGRAM” for established dialysis nurses.

My plan was to periodically send you valuable information that could help you visualize yourself as a Dialysis Instructor in your own training center.

Well, things didn’t go according to plan since nature decided to express itself in a Big Way. I’m talking about Hurricane Irma and Maria.

As a Floridian, I got affected by Irma but it really wasn’t anything that we couldn’t deal with. All I can say is that we’re good considering many other people had it worse than us.

Now, as a Puerto Rican, my family in the island got affected in every way. I have family members that were affected physically, others lost everything and almost all of them have been severely affected emotionally. It has been total devastation.

So needless to say that our focus and efforts have been devoted to offering our family and friends, in the Island, as much help as we possibly could.

Although, we have been so busy offering disaster relief to our people, a lot has happened in our business.

Here’s a short summary:

  • We started coaching Jeannie, a Texas nurse with dialysis experience. She has scheduled her training center to open on January 2018. Jeannie and her husband came to Florida and spent 2 days at our training center.
    Three days after Jeannie left, she sent me these beautiful flowers.

  • She also left us a nice review on Facebook! Check it out below.



  • We’ve started our second hemodialysis training of the year and although we lost about a week due to Irma, students are back on track to finish on December 2017.


  • We just started promoting our next training course, which starts on January 2018. The first step we take to promote our hemodialysis training program is to offer a free orientation. We start inviting people to our event using Facebook. During this time we increase our presence on Facebook, offering free video trainings via Facebook live. The free training videos give potential students an idea of the topics that will be covered.
    * Pssst… we’ve had people from Texas reach out to us after they watched the video training asking if we offer the training in Texas. Whaaaaaatttttt???!!!

—>> So we are promoting our affiliate location in Texas!

—>> Guess what training center is that? Yessss! You guested it… it’s Jeannie’s training center.

She hasn’t officially opened yet, but we’re already sending potential students her way.

Now how cool is that???!!!

I wanted to give you a sense of how we promote our hemodialysis program with this free training video below.

This Facebook live was recorded on October 18th and it already has 1,200 views, 15 shares, a lot of engagement and of course it has generated a lot of calls and leads.

>>> I have opened time slots in my calendar to offer free strategy sessions next week. If you have tried booking in the past and we weren’t able to connect, this is the time.

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